Trend Report

As we head into the second half of 2017, we thought we would take a look at some of this year’s hottest fitness and Yoga trends. While we don’t always end up incorporating every trend we hear about, being in the know is a great way to make sure you are always on top of your Yoga game.

Recuperative & Restorative Yoga

Generally a slower and more easily paced practice, a restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five to six poses and is usually supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Some restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. Most restorative practices are based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar.


Sleeping is in

Listen up sleepyheads…Sleep is in for 2017. Most studies show that almost nothing rivals the recuperative power of a good night’s sleep on the body and the mind. So as you move into the second half of 2017, remember the time you spend asleep is just as important as the time you spend awake.


Goat Yoga

Yes we have all seen cute Instagram pics of people doing Yoga with cats or dogs or other pets at home, but the latest animal craze sweeping the nation is Yoga with…goats. Now we love goats here at Joy Yoga, they are adorable and make the cutest sounds. We aren’t quite sold yet on doing Yoga with them, but we are sure curious where this trend is headed.


Mobile Yoga (Yes, your My Joy Yoga App is trending!)

Yoga studios have modified their classes and programs so that the “studio” travels to where the people may be…at work, shopping, at play, in the community. Apps like My Joy Yoga brings teacher’s right to your home and/or on the go with you.


Fertility Yoga

With a focus on poses to align and awaken your sexual energy and engage your reproductive system, this trend hopes to harness certain poses, mindful practices and holistic tips to help those trying to conceive.


Specialized Yoga Mats

As most seasoned Yogi’s know, buying a Yoga Mat is a highly personal experience. They come in a variety of different thicknesses, patterns and materials. Now they even come with some extra bells & whistles like built in technology, diagrams to enhance your practice and even adhesive so you don’t slide off your mat.


We will catch up with you again for a trend alert at the end of the year, but until then we’ll see you on and off the mat and remember no matter where you are, you can always keep your Yoga game in top form by downloading the My Joy Yoga app today!

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