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Summer is on the Horizon

Welcome to our monthly installment of “Be Here Now”, giving you the 411 on all the festivals and retreats every month to nurture the body, mind and soul (not to mention your ears). Hopefully you paid close attention to our last list kicking off festival season and if not, well don’t worry because here’s our June list. So get out there and don’t forget your sunscreen! ROOTS PICNIC June 3 Philadelphia, PA Yes this is just a one day festival, but you are so close to New York City, you can make a weekend out of it visiting the Big Apple….

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On-Demand Yoga Videos

My Joy Yoga is excited to announce the launch of our On Demand yoga series. In addition to logging on and live streaming classes daily, you now have the option to watch a pre-recorded video taught by our talented and certified instructors. It’s fast, easy and always on your schedule. Your Schedule, Your Time My Joy Yoga is realistic because we know how life can get sometimes. If you are like us, you have a lot on your plate with family and friends, work, events and school. Our On Demand videos were created to help you when you aren’t able…

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Yoga & Time Management

Time management is key to Carpe Diem-ing your day. Yoga can help you work more efficiently, give you more energy and ultimately save some time so you can focus on what’s important. Balance Your Day Tree pose (vrksasana) involves placing your feet parallel and hip width apart. Extend your spine, focus forward and shift your weight to your right foot. Inhale, raise your left foot and place the sole on your ankle, calf, mid thigh or upper thigh – depending on your skill level – with your toes pointing down. Time Management Benefits: A balancing pose can be challenging at…

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