Meet the Instructors

For My Joy Yoga Online Yoga Classes

Megan Hirst

Megan’s years of experience has given her extensive knowledge of various poses and techniques to tailor the practice and accommodate all skill levels. Megan leads classes that are both challenging and relaxing.

Kimberly Joy Lipson

Kimberly Joy has enjoyed the transition from Phoenix to the multi-cultural diversity of Houston. Kimberly Joy’s personal yoga practice of choice is power flow Vinyasa, preferably set to upbeat, contemporary music. “I feel that joy was a special gift delivered from Mother Universe.”

Lauren Donelson

Lauren is a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher with more than 600 hours of Vinyasa yoga training. Becoming a teacher challenged her to experience awakening in her practice. “Yoga has continually helped me live with more grace, peace and power, on the mat and in life!”

Brittany Kraft

“Yoga was first a physical exercise for me and for more than a decade, I have continued to explore this evolving practice as a way to find more joy.” Brittany’s classes are a moving meditation focused on integrating movement with breath while using the mind to expand our creativity and awareness.

Melanie Comegys

Melanie teaches beginner yoga in the style of regular Hatha with a focus on the principles of alignment. Poses are taught with an emphasis on structure and the technical aspects of positioning.

Jana Zacek

“The body in motion is my way of life. I have always felt my best when engaged in physical activities. Yoga is so much more than holding poses; it is the practice of being in the present moment of now.”

Natalie Maisel

Natalie has been a certified yoga instructor since 1996. Formerly owning her own studio and being featured in Yoga Week, Natalie has an extensive background with yoga. “Yoga is for everybody to enjoy, regardless of what stage they are in their life.”

Susie Edebor

Susie is passionate about sharing her love of yoga with all-aged yogis. She is also a certified Rainbow Kids Yoga instructor. She has been a preschool special-education teacher for more than five years and has extensive experience working with all types of yoga enthusiasts.

Heather Smith

Heather loves Houston and yoga! She began practicing in college and was hooked after joining a small Acro group. “I finally found my place in the yoga community.” Known for her bright colors and willingness to try anything three times, it’s not hard to spot her in a crowd.

Lucy Forbes

Lucy teaches Vinyasa yoga and loves its dynamic, energetic and fast-paced flow. She is passionate about teaching and sharing the many benefits of regular yoga practice. Lucy’s classes provide students with both a vigorous physical workout and a sense of self-love, respect, and worth.

Abby Buchold

“Anyone can transcend their own suffering and find their way to joy.” Abby has been practicing since 2008. She enjoys Kirtan and practices Zen meditation. She challenges her students to drop what they think they know and empower themselves for greater possibility.

Lonny Yu

Lonny has been practicing for more than 10 years. “Yoga is my sanctuary, a place to de-stress, ground myself and at the same time receive an amazing workout.”

Armando Augstin

Armando stumbled upon a free class at a Marine Corp base in Okinawa, Japan while his unit was training there. “Yoga is quiet in the midst of chaos, humility in the face of pride, and gentleness when force was the only thing in his toolbox.”

Katie Lenhart

Katie didn’t discover yoga until an injury brought her out of the dance world. She soon saw not only the regenerative and recuperative qualities of yoga, but also the joy that the practice offers. Katie's classes are restorative and quiet. She mixes attentive alignment with grounding breath.

Athea Davis

Athea’s classes incorporate a variety of yoga styles and influences with the right amount of personal uniqueness to create a fusion of challenging, inspiring and spiritual-minded practices. You will find strains of Hatha, gentle and power Vinyasa and a dab of Pilates in her classes.

Kristyn Tobey

Our health (and weight) is determined 80% by what we eat and 20% by exercise. Kristyn, a pro athlete and health coach, teaches you to listen to your body, decode cravings and eat the foods that best serve YOU. When you eat intuitively, you tap into your body’s raw power to burn fat, heal itself and feel energized.

Michelle Maneevese

Michelle's goal is to empower and inspire her students. Her classes are always challenging, educational, and most importantly lighthearted and playful as she gently guides you to your personal edge - whether it be a one armed handstand or the most perfectly positioned savasana.