For Our Future Mothers

With Mother’s Day right around the corner (Sunday May 14th folks, just in case you forgot!) we thought we would give any of our new moms-to-be some safe and healthy ways to get your “yoga on” while expecting. Even though prenatal yoga is often endorsed by most health care providers, it is still important to make sure your practice is modified to take your growing baby bump into account, so start developing a pregnancy yoga routine that works for you. Most yoga studios have prenatal classes as well, so make sure you talk to them about your needs and concerns.

First Trimester

  • Try to avoid any hot or overly warm classes as intense or too much heat can affect the development of the fetus
  • Morning sickness is fun right? Be cautious during your first trimester and always make sure you have a fast track to the bathroom if you need it
  • Throughout your pregnancy try to avoid headstands and shoulder stands (this is not the best time to amp up your inversion practice)
  • Avoid any closed twisting poses and talk to your teacher about pose substitutes

Second Trimester

  • Obviously all of the above!
  • While you might have loved back-bends before, you might want to ease up on that now as during pregnancy pushing this pose too far can place unwanted pressure on both the uterus and the abdomen
  • Start incorporating wedges or pillows to raise the upper body when lying down
  • You are getting wider, this WILL affect your balance so be aware
  • Go slow, there’s no rush

Third Trimester

  • Obviously all of the above again!
  • Try not to hold your poses for too long as as long as you used to. Blood flow is very important during pregnancy
  • Add even more props! Blocks and straps will help with stability
  • Don’t forget relaxation and breath-work (while you should be doing this all along, the third trimester is a great time to hone these skills)
  • Emphasize Pranayama over Asana
  • Don’t be afraid to skip the fast paced classes

Bonus Tips!

Try to incorporate these pregnancy friendly poses during your practice: Tailors Pose & Angry Cat. Also, try out the My Joy Yoga app and practice wherever you want, whenever you want!

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