About My Joy Yoga

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What is the Joy Yoga experience that is being delivered to you? Born out of a Houston-based yoga studio founded in 2003, it is Vinyasa yoga at its best! Something for everyone - experienced or beginner, looking for high intensity or restorative, have 90 minutes or 10. Classes always have a different flow to keep your mind and body present, and there are a variety of amazing instructors to choose from. It is YOUR practice JOY is trying to fit into - not our practice we are trying to fit you into.

Like a great Vinyasa class, My Joy Yoga is fluid. We will evolve and add to our offering as we learn your preferences and continuously improve use of technology. Look for more great yoga, meditation, Pilates and other fitness modality classes in the very near future.

Meet the Instructors

Megan Hirst

Megan’s years of experience has given her extensive knowledge of various poses and techniques to tailor the practice and accommodate all skill levels. Megan leads classes that are both challenging and relaxing.

Kimberly Joy Lipson

Kimberly Joy has enjoyed the transition from Phoenix to the multi-cultural diversity of Houston. Kimberly Joy’s personal yoga practice of choice is power flow Vinyasa, preferably set to upbeat, contemporary music. “I feel that joy was a special gift delivered from Mother Universe.”

Lauren Donelson

Lauren is a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher with more than 600 hours of Vinyasa yoga training. Becoming a teacher challenged her to experience awakening in her practice. “Yoga has continually helped me live with more grace, peace and power, on the mat and in life!”

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