Creating Sacred Spaces

If you are a yogi, practice yoga, or are just interested in yoga, chances are you’ve heard a lot of talk about the concept of creating sacred spaces.

Life is stressful, fast paced and sometimes unrelenting. While your yoga practice should be doing a good job of keeping you centered and grounded, sometimes you might need just a little something more. The concept of creating your own sacred space allows you to create a safe haven for your mind and your soul to get the downtime that it needs. To help you get started, we thought of some tips and tricks for creating your own sacred space wherever and whenever you might need one.

  1. Do some soul searching to decide what “sacred” means. What do you want to do with the space? What do you NOT want to do with the space?
  1. Once you have decided this, decide where. Where do you spend most of your time? Where do you find yourself needing the most down time?
  1. What inspiration are you looking for? What appeals to your senses and what is feasible? Can you add greenery? Can you make it private? Do you have access to sounds or music in this space?
  1. Pick your space. Sounds easy right? But it isn’t. Choose wisely and make sure the physical space can support both the physical and mental needs of your sacred time. Just in case you need some decorating ideas, here are some of our favorite inspirational places.

Fischer Fine Arts Tapestries

World Market
Z Gallerie

  1. Create a ritual. We have all heard of this before, whether it is for getting work done, going to sleep on time or just getting up on time. Creating a ritual teaches your mind and body the routine for what is to come.

So now that you have these helpful tips in place, start creating your own sacred space, try out the My Joy Yoga app today! That way, you’ll really be able to make use of your sacred space.

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